Why Is My Roof Leaking?
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Roof Leak Repair Kingwood, TX
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Why Is My Roof Leaking?

If you notice a ceiling leak in your home, call a roofing contractor right away for professional roof leak repair. Of course, you may wonder, “Why is my roof leaking?” A leaky roof may indicate several types of damage to your roof. A licensed, insured, and experienced roofing contractor will inspect your roof to determine the source of your leaky roof and prevent future leaks.

Common Causes of a Leaky Roof

There are several reasons a roof might begin leaking. Some common reasons include:

  • Storm damage: High winds or hail could cause damage to your roof. Hail can leave punctures in asphalt shingles, while high winds lift and tear shingles, possibly removing the shingles entirely.
  • Age of the roof: Older roofs are prone to damage. Even a well-kept roof will deteriorate over time. Years of weathering, UV and heat exposure, and temperature fluctuations between the seasons affect your roof’s performance.
  • Clogged or damaged gutters or downspouts: Your gutters and downspouts direct water off your roof and away from your home’s foundation. If they don’t work correctly, water pools around the edges of your roof. That water will then seep into your home, damaging the shingles, roof, and more.
  • Damaged flashing: Flashing is the sealant around roof vents, skylights, chimneys, and other roof features. Loose or damaged flashing allows water into your home, which is a recipe for bigger problems.

Signs You Need a Roof Leak Repair

A leaky roof doesn’t always show up immediately as a ceiling leak inside your home. While you may notice water spots on your ceiling eventually, there are some other signs that you need roof leak repair to look for, including:

  • Peeling or bubbling paint on your ceiling or walls: Peeling or bubbling paint indicates water intrusion or increased humidity in your attic due to a roof leak, and it normally shows up at the top of your walls first.
  • Missing shingles or shingles in your yard: Missing shingles from your roof expose the underlayment to the elements. While the underlayment provides waterproof protection, debris from the next storm could tear the material, exposing the plywood roof deck.
  • Damp, musty smells, particularly after rain: Mold and mildew love to grow in moist environments like your attic, ceiling, or inside the walls if you have a leaky roof. You probably have a leak if you see or smell mold after a rainstorm.
  • Sagging roof: If your roof shows signs of sagging, the plywood roof decking could be rotting underneath the underlayment and shingles.

How To Prevent Roof Leaks

The best way to prevent roof leaks is by using a professionally licensed, insured, and experienced roof repair company for any roofing repair or maintenance services. Amateurs often further harm their roofing systems by using inappropriate tools or DIY installation methods. They also put themselves at risk of personal injury.

Many manufacturers void warranties for improper installation. GAF, Owens Corning, Atlas, and other shingle manufacturers offer certifications and preferred installer awards to allow any certified roofing contractor to offer extended and lifetime guarantees. Ask your roof repair company about their certifications before hiring them.

You can also prevent roof leaks with regular roof maintenance, including:

  • Annual Inspections by a Roofing Contractor: Ensure that your roof is still in good condition with an annual roof inspection. Your roofing contractor may notice missing shingles or dried-up flashing that need replacing for home improvement and protection from the elements.
  • Storm Damage Inspections by a Roof Repair Company: After a storm, you should have a qualified roof repair company inspect your roof for damage from hail, high winds, and debris. High winds blow branches, yard waste, and patio furniture into your home, possibly damaging your roof. Hail could leave punctures and weaknesses in your shingles, making them susceptible to further damage in the future.

Need Professional Roof Leak Repair? Call Madd Roofing

At Madd Roofing, we’re proudly Owens Corning certified, offering a lifetime guarantee on our materials and labor. Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate at (281) 577-4065 or contact us online.

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Why Is My Roof Leaking?

Why Is My Roof Leaking? If you notice a ceiling leak in your home, call a roofing contractor right away for professional roof leak repair.