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Your home is the most significant financial investment you will ever make. Protect your property and your loved ones with a FREE Roof Inspection from Madd Roofing. We offer the comprehensive roof inspection services you need to keep your home safe for the long run.

Our experts focus exclusively on residential properties. We understand what it takes to identify problems with your roof. Our goal is to provide you a fast and easy roof inspection that delivers the in-depth insights you need.

Roof Inspection Kingwood, TX

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Once we finish examining your property, our inspectors report their findings. We let you know about your roof’s status and the condition of underlying structures, such as supports and insulation. We also detail any potential damage to your roof due to termites, mold, water, or debris.

Our roof inspectors provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. We take our time explaining existing issues and their potential solutions to ensure that you understand all of your options.

Complete transparency is crucial to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

At Madd Roofing, we provide Drone Roof Inspection services to get detailed views of any hard-to-reach areas. Our drone operators fly our equipment over your property and get close-up footage of the roof. Our experts will then analyze the footage and provide you with a quote based on their findings.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides everything you could possibly need for your home’s roof, allowing you to get back to life as usual.

We’ve built our brand on superior roofing expertise and customer service, as well as by going above and beyond to provide the roof inspections you need at prices you love.

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What are some signs that you may need to get your roof inspected?


Dark streaks and stains on the ceiling , Curling or missing shingles , Shingle balding & granular loss 

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What do your roof inspectors look for during the inspection?


Roof covering, Fasteners, Deck sheathing, Slope and underlayment, Ice barriers, Drip edges, Offset patterns, Roof valley flashing, Nail penetration in deck sheathing, Flashing areas


How much does a roof inspection cost?


Our roof inspections are totally FREE! We’re happy to come out, inspect your roof, and give you a report of our findings.


How long does a roof inspection take?


The length of time it takes to correctly do a full roof inspection varies based on the size of the house, but the average roof inspection takes about 45 minutes to complete.

The VAlue in Expert Roof Inspection Services

Professional roof inspectors can locate damage and potential hazards and provide cost-effective solutions.

Roof inspection services are essential to maximizing a home’s longevity. Professional roof inspectors can locate damage and potential hazards and provide cost-effective solutions. This proactive investment is one of the best ways to preserve your property value now and in the future.

A roof inspection has several benefits, but none are more substantial than detecting water damage. Our roof inspector evaluates the shingles, soft spots, and flashing installation to find hidden moisture. We also have the ability to pinpoint roof leaks and examine your roofing system’s interior.

But the best roof inspectors do more than look at the top of your home. If your house leaks, water can trickle through the insulation and ventilation, damaging the house’s structure. In severe cases, you may end up with rot, mold, and even mildew.

Professional roof inspectors should identify these problems before they get out of hand. Early detection can extend your roof’s life and delay roof replacement. The average shingle roof should last 15 to 30 years, with roof inspections ensuring that it’s closer to the latter.

When to Call an Expert Roof Inspector

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should contact someone to come out during the spring and fall, being that Kingwood’s weather is relatively mild. There may be times when you need a roof inspector more frequently.

You should ALWAYS look into getting a residential roof inspection done after severe storms.

Roofing damage caused by high winds, hail, and torrential rain can compromise your property, your finances, and even the health of you and your family. If you don’t address these issues immediately, you’ll likely have to pay for more extensive and expensive roofing services later on.

In the best-case scenario, they find nothing. That means you don’t have to worry about needing a roof repair. You also won’t need another inspection for at least six more months.

In the worst-case scenario, the inspector finds leaks and missing shingles. While these discoveries may cost you a little now, it’s significantly more cost-effective than waiting a month to repair them and paying thousands of dollars.

Roof Inspection

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