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You naturally want your roof to protect your home and your family. Still, while you might want to ensure that your roof stays watertight against leaks and moisture, it’s important to remember that a vital element of any residential roofing system is proper attic ventilation.

At Madd Roofing, we offer residential attic ventilation in Kingwood, TX, and the surrounding area, boosting your home’s energy efficiency so you won’t be paying higher energy bills during our oppressively hot summers.

Proper attic ventilation doesn’t mean your home becomes a magnet for leaks or drafts. Instead, it’s one component of a healthy residential roofing system. While other parts like the underlayment reflect the sun’s energy, attic ventilation gives trapped, heated air a way to escape instead of bottling up under your roof.

The US Department of Energy says that Americans spend one-sixth of all electricity this country generates just on air conditioning. That’s about $40 billion a year! While you could adjust your thermostat to save on energy costs, why not get to the heart of the problem and release any heated air stuck in the attic that’s causing your home to swelter?

Let the roofing experts at Madd Roofing assess your current residential attic ventilation and outline how we can improve your home’s situation. Please call us today at (281) 577-4065 to arrange for a free estimate with one of our experienced contractors.

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Solar Attic Ventilation
When your roof absorbs less heat and your attic ventilates well, your home stays cooler, consuming less energy.

Whether a roof vent, attic vents, or an attic exhaust fan, attic ventilation prevents heat from building up in your attic. It prevents strain on your air-conditioning system that can force its components to wear out faster.

When your roof absorbs less heat and your attic ventilates well, your home stays cooler, consuming less energy. This puts more money in your pocket and helps benefit the environment as well.

Attic ventilation does more than regulate your home’s temperature. Any heat that remains trapped in the attic can increase moisture because of seasonal temperature changes. If you’ve ever seen a glass of iced tea or a windowpane collect condensation, imagine that occurring within your residential roofing system.

Granted, it sounds counterintuitive to add insulation for warmth and make sure that your roof is watertight, then turn around and open your attic up to allow cool air to circulate through your attic. But this natural flow of outdoor air will reduce the potential in wintertime for what residents in colder climates call ice damming. That’s when, because of attic heat, snow melts off the roof then refreezes and clogs the gutters—causing a dam of ice that can damage the roof.

In a hot environment like Texas, it’s essential to ensure natural airflow through the vents. You also want to install an exhaust fan to remove the moist, hot air that can damage the shingles and other roofing components. Without proper attic ventilation, you’ll spend more on energy bills, even while putting your home at risk of potential damage. Such risks include:

  • Aging the roof and roof shingles prematurely
  • Degrading the insulation, allowing for drafts
  • Mold growing in the attic or roofing system

By design, residential attic ventilation should work with your roofing system—allowing the roof to breathe. It helps give your home that “Goldilocks” feeling: not too hot or too cold, but just right.

When you work with Madd Roofing, we’ll install an attic ventilation system that your home and attic need without affecting your roof’s appearance or structural integrity. You’ll notice that your HVAC becomes more efficient.

Attic Depot has a reputation for crafting the best performing solar attic fans available with components that don’t degrade under the sun’s heat. Because the Attic Depot ventilation system (which we recommend) uses professional-grade solar attic fans, you won’t have to worry about additional energy costs.

Solar Attic Fan: The Optimal Attic Fan Ventilation

At Madd Roofing, we prefer the top-rated Attic Depot self-flashing solar attic fan for residential attic ventilation –
  • The 25-,30-, or 70-watt solar attic fan installs easily on various roofing materials, including flat concrete tiles, cedar shake, or composite shingles.
  • It comes in a range of attractive standard and custom color options.
  • Tested and approved for use in Texas areas that are prone to hurricanes and windstorms, the Attic Depot Attic Fans also includes an industry-leading lifetime warranty.
  • The fan includes Variable Speed 24V Brushless Motor and Whisper Quiet Poly vinyl Blades

The durable construction and top performance are two reasons why Attic Depot stands by this quality product—and why we at Madd Roofing are confident about recommending it to our customers.

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