Residential Roof Repair in Kingwood, TX

Your roof is a major investment, but getting timely repairs will prevent it from aging prematurely.

Common problems your roof may experience include:
Kingwood Roof Repair

  • Leaks: Water seeping into your home from the attic is a sign of roof deterioration. This happens when your roof is old, has damaged shingles, has a pest infestation, or has suffered damage from a fallen tree branch. Signs of a roof leak include dark brown water stains on ceilings and mold on attic rafters.
  • Missing or broken shingles: Shingles are the visible outermost layer of the roofing system. They prevent water from seeping into the roof’s underlayment, but they can crack, warp, blister, or break away over time. Skilled roofers can replace or repair small areas of broken or missing shingles without affecting the entire roof.
  • Damage to flashing: Flashing is a metal sheet installed on the roof’s corners and which slopes around vents, chimneys, and skylights. This component is responsible for redirecting water off the roof and into the gutters, but damaged flashing can lead to roof leaks.
  • Storm damage: Heavy rain, wind, and hail can cause significant damage to shingles. Storms can also knock down overhanging tree branches that will cause damage if they fall on the house.

No matter what type of damage your roof has sustained, you can trust our Madd Roofing team to identify the problem and make all necessary repairs. We use state-of-the-art drone technology to inspect every aspect of a roof and pinpoint problem areas. We have years of experience working with all roofing materials, such as metal, asphalt, tile, and clay, so we understand how to fix any problem we encounter.

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Madd Roofing is the most trusted and reliable roofing company in Kingwood, TX. As a branch of Madd Air Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of value, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Both companies are locally owned and operated by one team, and we have an established reputation and hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.

We only hire the best at Madd Roofing. Our certified roofers are backed by 14 years of residential roofing and home construction experience, and we hold our staff to the highest industry standards. No matter what roofing service your home needs, you can count on us to be knowledgeable and friendly, and we will guide you through the repair or replacement process from start to finish.

As part of the Madd brand, our job isn’t done until our clients are happy. We offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and labor. If you’re unsatisfied with our work or a problem arises with the job, we will make it right.

At Madd Roofing, we offer more than residential roof repairs. Due to our team’s vast knowledge of HVAC systems, we can optimize your home’s heating and cooling system, attic, and roof to work together to reduce energy waste.

When it comes to top-quality residential roof repair in Kingwood, TX, look no further than Madd Roofing. Call us today at 281-577-4065 and give your roof the attention it deserves.

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